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John Singleton, Tupac Flirt With Janet Jackson On Set Of Poetic Justice

Me and Pac didn’t know Janet was married so we both were flirting with her – John Singleton

John Singleton renowned for directing classic movies like; ‘Boyz n the Hood’, ‘Higher Learning’ and ‘Baby Boy’. He is also responsible for bringing the romantic ‘Poetic Justice’ to our screens.

This past week ‘Poetic Justice’ has seen its second release on Blu-ray. It features ten never-before-seen deleted and extended scenes.

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In a recent interview with The Daily Beast John reflects on the movie and some of the controversy which happened on set.

Tupac and Janet Jackson star as the two main characters in the movie. Although no sex scenes between the two, just a kiss, she wanted him to take the test. Tupac refused, not once but a handful of times because each time he said he wasn’t taking the test she would send somebody else from the set in to ask. Tupac denied each request.

janet jackson 2pac
Lucky and Justice have a heart to heart in Poetic Justice

“That was a joke!” Singleton explained. “Me and Pac didn’t know Janet was married so we both were flirting with her and stuff. We’re on the set joking, with Janet there and the whole cast, and I was like, ‘I don’t know if I want you kissing my actresses—I don’t know where your lips have been. We gonna do this love scene with y’all, we’re gonna have to get you a double. He was like, ‘F*** doing that, only if we’re really f****ng!’

On the set they kept sending a different person to ‘Pac’s trailer hounding him to take the test. Tupac would later call this “insulting” and admits throwing people out of his trailer.

Insisting that he had to do a test, John says, “It became a joke. And then a joke turned into some publicity and he was the only one that was left out of the circle. He knew, but he went along with it. They were in on the joke. It was just the salt and sugar of us messing around on the set.”

Tupac would later say in an interview saying that he would of done four tests if him and Janet were actually having sex in the movie.

Tupac and John Singleton
Tupac and John Singleton

If Tupac would of took John Singleton’s advice we might not of got to hear some of the music that was the soundtrack to a whole generation. John told Tupac to focus on his acting rather than his music, telling Tupac that he wasn’t a good rapper!

“‘Can’t nobody take that from you. If you can spit 16 bars and take somebody down that’s like having a multiple weapon. I’m telling him, ‘That’s not your weapon—your weapon is the fact that you’re going to be a major star.’ He couldn’t see it. I’m stupid for saying it but also, he couldn’t see it. He couldn’t see how one thing could begat the other” John Singleton said.


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