Joe Joe Beats Talks Wave Cave, Working With Dave East, Top 5

Staten Island native Joe Joe Beats has become the embodiment of hard work pays off. The up-and-coming producer has put his blood, sweat, and tears into his ‘Wave Cave’ studio, enabling him to purse his dream.

A dream that has no limits, but for the moment it has given him the opportunity to work with various artists such as Dave East, T.I., and Lil Meech.

We caught up with the inspiring producer as tells about his Wave Cave, working with Dave East, top 5 list, and much more!

Joe Joe Beats interview
Joe Joe Beats, Wave Cave (Via IG @joejoebeats)

At what age did you start producing, and was there a particular moment when you knew this is what you wanted to do?

I’d have to say around 14 or 15 I started learning how to play the piano and from there on eventually I wanted to make full beats, not just the piano. So I started learning beats.

I’ve been making my own melodies , but still haven’t had the chance to learn other ones. I have 2 guitars in my studio though for when it’s time to learn.

Speaking of time, when is the best time for you to create and do you need anything particular to operate at your best?

I’m always inspired to create , just give me some good weed. (Laughs)

Who were some of the producers who inspired you early on in your career?

I’d definitely have to say Kanye west, Timbaland, Pharrell, and Dr. Dre. But I’ve also been inspired by Jake One, Cardiak, Just Blaze, Justice League.

Joe Joe Beats wave cave studio
Joe Joe Beats studio ‘Wave Cave’ (Via Twitter @joejoebeats)

Has that list changed over the years?

Nah that’s the beauty , it never changes and it only grows. I’m always inspired by local producers also, I always come across dope producers on Instagram/Facebook all the time and it keeps me going for sure.

Many consider the music business a sport, especially Hip Hop, how competitive are you?

It’s definitely competitive but it doesn’t dictate how far you get in the industry. I don’t like to think like that. I like the Nipsey mindset, “the marathon continues”.

Aside from producing, what other avenues would you want to explore in Hip Hop if any?

I don’t know about hip hop specifically, but I do know that I want to eventually have some movie/tv series placements also.

Would you like to produce for other genres if the opportunity presented itself, and with which artists?

Hell yeah most definitely, love staying out the box and showing my versatility. Artists like Kehlani, The Weeknd or something major like that.

Do you feel it is important as a producer to relocate or spend time in different areas such as down south, or the west coast, to adapt different styles?

If you have the opportunity to move around as a producer than hell yeah! Being in those environments will certainly inspire you and adjust your styles.

I’ve been to the west side a couple times and it definitely boost my inspiration.

Joe Joe Beats in Cali
Joe Joe Beats in Cali (Via IG @joejoebeats)

Speaking of being inspired, many up and coming producers can be inspired by you and your ‘Wave Cave’. Tell us how that process has been and how much does it been to you?

It means the world to me knowing that there’s producers out there that’s inspired by my beats and the work I do. I always want to provide some sort of motivation to the producer community, one beat at a time.

The Wave Cave is my sanctuary. It’s still a bedroom in my parents house but eventually I took out the bed and made it a studio (Laughs). One day The Wave Cave will soon relocate and is eventually gonna be a fully operated professional studio, god willing.

You had the chance to work with Dave East, how did that come about?

The Dave East situation changed everything for me. It opened the doors for me to now have endless opportunities to work with different artists and producers. Me and Dave East got a chemistry and I’ll always be able to work with him. That’s my guy!

How surreal was it hearing your name during an interview with Dave East on Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning? What were you thinking at that moment?

It felt unreal. I literally always tune in to Hot97 all the time. To see East mention my name to Ebro and Rosenberg felt wild!! No feeling like it.

You produced ‘Hated’ which features Nas, tell us how that process was like. Was the beat done and then chosen for the Nas feature?

Yeah man that was just one of those situations where it was like “Yo, we chose this beat and Nas is doing the intro”. Super sudden and it felt amazing

The Hated turned into a 10 minute movie which is now available on YouTube. It’s wild. Directed by Kid Art.

You have also produced Dave East’s ‘Really Wit Me’ and most recently ‘Stay Down’ for Cash Flow Harlem. Both co-produced with Mike Kuz. How is it like co-producing as oppose to doing it solo?

I’m not the biggest collaborator as of yet, but me and Kuz really do the damn thing together and that’s my brother. Co-producing with someone gives you a different vibe and workflow which ultimately leads to some dope production all around.

What has been the most shocking thing or most important thing you’ve learned so far in your career?

The most important thing I’ve learned is PATIENCE. If you don’t got that than you aren’t built for this.

Who has been your biggest supporter throughout your career?

Not gonna lie. If it really comes down to it, if I haven’t pushed myself as hard as I do than I wouldn’t be here at all. Granted my parents and other close people show support but if it weren’t for me waking up everyday and grinding then I don’t know where’d I’d be. So thank me! (Laughs)

Joe Joe beats in studio
Joe Joe Beats (Via IG @joejoebeats)

Who were some of your role models growing up?

Will Smith and Michael Jordan and my pops. (Laughs)

How do you feel about Joyner Lucas tribute to Will Smith with ‘Will’, and what are your thoughts on the Michael Jordan special ‘The Last Dance’?

Joyner Lucas smoked that track. Definitely big ups to him for that . And the Last Dance is truly inspirational man! Sucks that Sunday is the last 2 episodes. It goes to show you that there’s endless footage of pure classic moments.

Which Verzuz battle that has been done yet, do you want to see? And why?

Hell yeah and I’m waiting for the Dr. Dre and Diddy battle !!

But do you think its evenly matched, because Diddy’s catalog might be more versatile. Some argue Dre has mostly Hip Hop hits.

Word I can see that diddy has the range , but man thatll be a cultural classic moment. Dre got pop too.

Who is on your top 5 Hip hop artist of all time?

Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, Kanye West, Tupac and the last one always switches up (Laughs), J. Cole or Drake.

For more on Joe Joe Beats visit his official web site here.


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