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Jim Jones Calls 50 Cent’s Actions “B.S Antics”, No Comment On 6ix9ine

The 50 Cent vs Jim Jones beef has been going on for years now, and has been on full display lately via social media. Jim Jones appeared on The Breakfast Club where he discussed 50’s actions as “bullshit antics”.

Jim Jones Calls 50 Cent's Actions "B.S Antics", No Comment On 6ix9ine

50 Cent’s latest “shots” at Jones came via Instagram where 50 claimed Jim Jones is a federal informant. The second “shot” at Jones came from The Shade 45 IG account, where 50 laughed at a reporter which stated 6ix9ine called Jim Jones a retired rapper during court.

When asked by host DJ Envy about the beef between Jones and 50, Jim couldn’t say much, “I wish I could be in a position to really say what I wanna say, but unfortunately my life has been hectic this few months.”

For someone who can’t say much, Jim Jones comments tell a lot. Jones is fed up and calls 50’s actions as “bullshit antics”. “But where I’m from I do know people that we do call real n***as, stand up men, we don’t try to tarnish other people’s names, by doing bullshit antics. It’s consequences and repercussions for certain things like that.”

Referring to 50, Jones feels like this isn’t a game to be taken lightly. “I’ll leave at that. For the most part everybody know my life is real. I’ve been doing this for way to long for anybody to play with me and sh*t like that. But, you know some people think life is a game,” says Jim Jones.

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But all this is not stopping Jones from pushing forward. He is looking to drop a new project soon after dropping his current project ‘El Capo’. “It happens with natural progression, you dig? You never gon get a clear shot of what you want to do, if you don’t go through obstacles, and hop over fences, brick walls, and things like that. You never gonna get to where you want to go,” explains Jones.

When asked by Envy about 6ix9ine and if it’s true that Jones never was “feeling” Tekashi since the start, Jones said, “I have no comment on none of that.” Despite clearly showing that he did not want to speak about the 6ix9ine case, Envy proceeded to ask more. Envy asked if the police have messed with Jones because of 6ix9ine’s comments in court. Jones again didn’t have much to say, “I have no comment on none of that.”

Jim Jones was on a recorded call by the Feds, which one can hear Jones say, “He’s not a gang member no more. He was never a gang member. They going to have to violate shorty because shorty is on some bullshit.” Many believe Jones is talking about 6ix9ine, but nothing is confirmed.


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