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Jeremy Corbyn Tribute Gains Support From UK Public

A tribute to Jeremy Corbyn released by rapper Craft-D has reached number one in Apple Music’s Hip Hop and Rap download chart.

Bristol rapper Craft-D, real name Danny Pandolfi, wrote the song in letter form, thanking 71-year-old Jeremy Corbyn. In fact the emcee put the song out on social media where supporters clearly got behind it. So, Craft-D decided to release it as a single.

Jeremy Corbyn Tribute Gains Support From UK Public

The song, titled “Letter to Corbyn”, opens with a speech by the ex-leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn.  In addition to his rap career, Craft-D also fronts Raise the Bar, a talent development platform inviting the best in UK and world spoken word to perform


Following the release, Craft-D recently spoke with Jeremy Corbyn via telephone, where they both talked about all aspects of life. Reflecting on this, Craft-D said: “We talked about the song, our shared love of poetry, the power people hold. It was just good to hear him in such great spirits surrounded by his wonderful family”.

As a result of the song reaching a prime position in the chart, Jeremy Corbyn gave his thoughts on it at a live event. He said: “It was great, and thank you very much for the song and putting it together. I feel slightly embarrassed about it because it includes me a lot in it. But think through the issues that are covered in that song: war, peace, environment, hope, unity, and what people can achieve together.”

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Furthermore, besides Craft-D, a few more Hip Hop artists have certainly supported the former Labour leader. In recent years, Lowkey, Akala and even Stormzy have all attached their names to support Jeremy Corbyn. In 2016, Stormzy also spoke about how Jeremy Corbyn understands the real issues that the government needs to deal with. He said: “Have you seen that footage of House of Commons? They’re all neeky dons! The way they all laugh and cheer. Is this Game Of Thrones? You lot have got real issues to talk about and deal with. That’s why I like Jeremy. I feel like he gets what the ethnic minorities are going through and the homeless and the working class.”


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