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Jennifer Garner Gets Personal In New Interview And Is Thankful For It

Actress Jennifer Garner often finds herself in rumors and bombarded by the press with questions of her everyday life, just like any other high profile celebrity. But, in this particular interview conducted by Kelly Corrigan, Garner had no problem getting personal as she spoke about the poverty in which her parents faced.

Jennifer’s father Billy Jack is from Texas and her mother Patricia was raised on a farm in Oklahoma. During her times on the farm while babysitting for one of the wealthier local families, Patricia would find herself reading Life Magazine and viewing the different places beyond the farm that caught her eye.

Jennifer Garner Get Personal In New Interview And Is Thankful For It

“In Life Magazine, she saw pictures of other places and she just wanted to go,” Jennifer explained. “And she found an ad to be a Girl Scout counselor in Maine, and she applied and got on a bus and went to Maine, and it was kind of the beginning of my mom’s real itch to see and understand the world. And now she’s been to 50 states and to seven continents.”

Jennifer always felt she could accomplish anything in life as she was inspired by her mother. “My mom was so poor that it’s just unbelievable that she managed to leave,” Garner said during her interview on Tell Me More via PBS. “As a matter of fact, when I moved to New York after college, my mom said, ‘Jennifer, no matter what you do, it’ll never be as big of a deal as it was for me to leave that farm.”

For Garner it was not a problem to speak about the obstacles her mother had to endure, because her mother was never one to shy away from talking about those experiences. “I said to her, ‘Mom does it bother you when I talk about your poverty as a child. Does that bother you?’ And she said, “I’m never ashamed of growing up poor, rather I am amazed by the grace and the dignity my parents had as a child.”

The actress took to her official Instagram account Monday thanking PBS and Kelly Corrigan for the interview. “Thank you to @kellycorrigan for asking me to tell her more about my parents, my work with @savethechildren@onceuponafarm@lamaidaproject, and pretty much everything else. 😬 I’m excited to see the show tonight and so excited for my friend Kelly. ♥️ #TellMeMorePBS.”

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