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Jeezy Talks Tupac’s Rules In The Game, Nipsey Hussle’s Energy

Jeezy has shown maturity through his new music and interviews. That was once again on display during an interview with Big Boy TV. An interview where Jeezy talks about Tupac’s rules in the game that set the bar and influenced Jeezy.

When asked about how times have changed as far as clout chasing, social media and hustling backwards, Jezzy explains what’s there difference, “It’s just a different day in time, but I don’t think you can compare, what they do with how we came in the game, because the stakes was different. We had different people that we… I looked up to Tupac. He set the bar when it came to like rules, cause he was getting them from the bay. He was getting them from L.A. He wasn’t getting them from different places and they was solid rules.”

“The late greats like ‘Pac died so young we didn’t get to see his evolution” – Jeezy

Jeezy is very big on engery. Something that he uses as the nucleus to how he does his business, builds his friendships and relationships. Same was true when it comes to his thoughts on Nipsey hussle. “Nipsey was special. Nip was different because you see Nip and you expect one thing and then Nip would be like “Yo did you read this book”,” explained Jeezy.

Jeezy Talks Tupac's Rules In The Game, Nipsey Hussle's Energy
Jeezy, YG, Nipsey Hussle

“When you around Nip is about positive energy but he the type of person like me he wanna walk away with something. What did I learn from hanging out with you. One thing I learned about him early on, cause I took him to Atlanta to get his deal and when he got his deal he didn’t announce the deal to maybe like two years later. But he was so strategic about the things that he did and he had a lot of patience,” says Jeezy.


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