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Jay-Z, Beyonce Update And Details Why They’re Being Sued

In this recent Jay-Z and Beyonce update, we understand more of why a well respected Jamaican artist is suing the power couple.

Back on June 16th of 2018, Jay-Z and Beyonce released their collaboration album titled ‘Everything Is Love”. Releasing their first album together as The Carters, the power couple would also perform live with their “On the Run II Tour”.

A song featured on the album was “Black Effect”, which featured Lenora Antoinette Stines, as she gave her definition of what is love.

“Hmm, well there’s love of children
Love of self
Love of God
Love of a partner
And all of them have a different shape
But all of them is the same in the end
It’s about sensitivity, it’s about passion
It’s about unconditional giving of self to another person
And there’s love of humanity
That’s the love that is right now needed most
Love of humanity
But in everything, in all of that love, there is a soul
It’s like when you take some eggs and break them
And you, and you take the shells and mix them up
Trying to find the ones that match
When you find the perfect match
That compatibility results in passion
Results in unconditional giving of self
I hope I can say it again,” Stines said over the Cool & Dre produced beat.

Here are the updated details of the Jay-Z and Beyonce lawsuit:

CNN recently obtained a copy of the suit. “Stines is 68 years old and she is extremely well respected and highly regarded in the island of Jamaica, and throughout the world for her artistry and wisdom,” the suit reads.

Here are the updated details of the Jay-Z and Beyonce lawsuit:

  1. Jay-Z and Beyonce approached Stines back on March of 2018 in need of some dancers for the video
  2. Stines was asked to speak her thoughts about love in the video
  3. On the day of the video shoot, Stines was required to sign an agreement in order to participate. The agreement would give clearance to have her voice used in the video
  4. Stines was not allowed to send an photo of the agreement to her lawyer for review before signing
  5. According to the suit Stines was told the recording was only for promotional purposes and to be used in the video

Two years later, and Stines filed a lawsuit against the Carters. She is seeking legal fees, damages caused, a writers credit for the single, and a portion of the publishing rights.


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