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Jason’s Dear Mama Parody Feat. Tupac

Dear Mama is widely recognized as one of the most heartfelt songs in hip-hop history. Now one of the most prolific killer’s in movie history, Jason Voorhees has pledged his love and appreciation towards his mother in a parody video.

The song is about Pamela Voorhees, the mother of the unstoppable killing machine. This version was recorded to the beat of Tupac’s emotional dedication track, Dear Mama, off his 1995 album, Me Against The World.

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In the film, Friday the 13th, Pamela Voorhees, left a single mother after Jason’s father walked out shortly after his birth. Mrs Voorhees plays the second antagonist in the franchise becoming obsessed with Jason. As the film plays out, eleven-year-old Jason drowns in a lake. This sent his overprotective mother to go on a killing spree. She eventually meets her demise in the most horrific way, decapitated with a machete, all of which Jason witnessed.

dear mama
Jason in Dear Mama parody video

Dear Mama Impact

The story of his mother is put across in the song, in a similar way that Tupac Shakur told the story of his mother’s struggles. In Dear Mama, Tupac tells of Afeni’s struggle raising him as a single mother. ‘Dear Mama’ has shown the world in Hip Hop that it’s ok to express such feelings. It also influenced a lot of artists including Eminem, Common and Kendrick Lamar. Common called it “the most heartfelt song in hip-hop.”

Jason, played by Paul Schultz, reminiscing back over the memories of his mother while locked up in prison. He tells of the motivation that he got for killing, from the bullying and his mother’s death. Written by Matt Helmick, with vocals from Nate Vail both of The Merkins and added vocals from King Locust, this song shows the sensitive feelings of Jason Voorhees.

It’s not the first time The Merkins have covered a Tupac song. In 2015 they made ‘Slash ‘Em Up’, a tribute to ‘Pac. It sees Freddy Krueger dressed in Tupac’s infamous Red Wings Jersey. A moment in history when Tupac spit at news cameras in 1994 after leaving New York Supreme Court.


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