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Janet Jackson Talks Tupac & Poetic Justice With Real 92.3

Legendary pop icon Janet Jackson appeared on the Hip Hop music radio station “REAL 92.3” in Los Angeles to talk on a variety of things, including Tupac.

Janet was asked to give an insight on what it was like working with Tupac on Poetic Justice or any stories that she might have of him that she would like to share. On being asked, Janet’s face instantly lit up with a smile, as she remembered back to 1993 when she starred in John Singleton’s movie, Poetic Justice, alongside Tupac.

“Pac’ was crazy and I adored him. He was one way the way people saw him, not to say that wasn’t him but he also had another side to him, he was fun and silly” Janet said.


As well as being fun and having a great sense of humor. An example of the other side to Tupac, which hardly gets mentioned, is when Regina King, who plays Iesha in Poetic Justice, was involved in a car accident on the first day of rehearsal. When she arrived at the set Tupac took care of her. He took her down to the police station to give in details of the accident and took her to lunch. She has spoken out in interviews about how Pac’ was loyal and he looked out for her and what a good man he was.

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Janet reveals that Tupac even had a special nickname for her…. ‘Square’! Tupac would always say to her “What’s up square” She said it was because she was very quiet and she would just sit back, watch and laugh. She reveals when she first saw Tupac’s THUG LIFE tattoo. He had the tattoo done around the time that they were filming, by tattoo artist Dennis ‘Dago’ Coelho. Tupac greeted Janet saying “Hey Square” and he lifted up his shirt to show his fresh, iconic tattoo.

The AIDS Test

Although they seemed to have a laugh on the set of Poetic Justice, the relationship between Tupac and Janet was strained. As we all know Janet demanded that Tupac take an AIDS test! Probably Janet Jackson was paying to much attention to how the media was portraying Tupac. Although there were no sex scenes between the two, just a kiss, she wanted him to take the test.

Tupac refused, not once but a handful of times. Each time he said he wasn’t taking the test she would send somebody else from the set in to ask. Tupac refused each request. After they had finished filming, Tupac thought that he and Janet would keep in contact. Even arranging to go paint balling. But as soon as the movie wrapped the number Janet had given Tupac had been disconnected.

It’s been mentioned in the past that when Tupac had made a decision on something that their was no budging him on it. Janet confirms this saying, “There were times when he was late for the set. We were waiting patiently. He’s back at his hotel telling us the longer you knock the longer I’m going to sit in this bed”. On hearing this story, Dj Hed suggested to Janet that Tupac was a diva. Janet disagreed completely saying, “For me he wasn’t a diva. Just so much talent, so brilliant. So smart”.


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