Jamil, E.D.I Mean Introduce Outlaw Real Estate A Monthly Online Course

Jamil Damji and Hip Hop legend E.D.I Mean have teamed up for Outlaw Real Estate, a monthly online course, with the hope of empowering communities and families all over the world.

Know as the Godfather of Wholesale Real Estate, life hasn’t always been so rewarding for the Phoenix, Arizona native. Going from rough times to 10 million a year in revenue, all which did not happen over night.

Those challenges and overcoming advisory, is something his partner is no stranger to as well. Hip Hop artist E.D.I Mean for twenty plus years has musically exhibited all the of his life’s ups and downs right in the public eye. But, it is another passion in Real Estate that has also brought E.D.I some ups and downs.

Jamil, E.D.I. Mean Introduce Outlaw Real Estate A Monthly Online Course
Jamil Damji

With that being said we caught up with the founders of the real estate online course called Outlaw Real Estate.

Jamil, thank you for joining us today. How did you first get involved in Real Estate?

Jamil: On Accident, I was listening in on a conversation that didn’t involve me, that involved some big numbers and it peaked my interest. The next day I started making cold calls to find someone interested in selling their house.

Call it beginners luck but my first call, lead to my first deal which netted me $50,000 in profit. I never looked back.

After that first deal did you reach any lows, or any doubts along the way?

Jamil: Yes! I made millions very quickly and then went Bankrupt. Went from buying my mom a house to the lake and one on the Hill for myself to dead broke

Along the way, your mind will always play tricks on you. Your friends and family doubt you, but in your heart you always have to know, the struggles are a part of the gift

Thank you for sharing that, because I think it is important for people to understand that the lows are part the game, and those who stick through will see the rewards at the end.

Jamil: Absolutely. Success is like 5% of the ride. That’s like most people looking forward to the end of the roller coaster. The fun is in the line and then the ride. (Laughs)

What are some of the achievements you have endured along this journey?

Jamil: I’ve taken my family along with me. My sister is one of my business partners. I’ve retired my parents for the 2nd time lol I have a beautiful relationship with my Wife and Kids and my Daughters mother. Those are my biggest accomplishments

Also being friends and earning the respect of one of my hero’s, E.D.I Mean! That was a big one.

E.D.I, How did you and Jamil link up?

E.D.I Mean: Jamil and I met in 2014 via Facebook. He is a long time supporter of the movement. We eventually connected personally and now we share a brotherhood.

Jamil, E.D.I. Mean Introduce Outlaw Real Estate A Monthly Online Course
E.D.I Mean

With that brotherhood is a new venture called Outlaw Real Estate. What can you tell us about Outlaw Real Estate?

E.D.I Mean: It’s a monthly online course we are doing together for those interested in investing in real estate

Jamil: It’s an amazing opportunity to learn how people who come from limited means and may have some dirt in their past, can still do big things, outside of being a rapper or an athlete.

I have a criminal record. Who would hire me? The only options I’ve known until real estate was to hustle the wrong way.

What is the first step one can take if interested in Outlaw Real Estate?

E.D.I Mean: Make sure they are tuned in when we go live May 4th at 2 pm pacific time, Instagram Live via @edidono4l. We will give out the details then.

Jamil: This is an introduction to how we as a community can uplift ourselves and our families. I’m honored that EDI is joining me to share it.

Most people don’t know this but, EDI has flipped real estate himself and is an active investor!

This has been a passion of yours since early on, correct? What made you tap into the Real Estate business again?

E.D.I Mean: Correct. I invested into non-commercial real estate early in my career and had always done well. When the economy tanked in 2008 I was forced to press the reset button. However it was always my plan to return.

What are the differences and similarities of the real estate business and the music business?

E.D.I Mean: One difference is less emotions. Music is very temperamental. Similarities are the amount of money one can make if they hustle.

What are some of the experiences and/or lessons from the music industry you can apply to Outlaw Real Estate?

Stay consistent and embrace the unknown.

Jamil, you’re originally from Canada, now in LA, how has the different areas helped you in the business.

Being from Calgary Canada, I Understand that small town hustle. I’ve always been a guy that connected the dots. When I moved back to LA, I worked as a Comedian, believe it or not, and that has allowed me to bring humor into my mix.

God is Good, God has put me in situations I’d have never imagined. One of those is a program with my brother, mentor, teacher, and champion E.D.I.

How do you feel the current pandemic affects Real Estate?

E.D.I Mean: That’s actually one of the questions Jamil and I will answer on May 4th when we go live!

Join Jamil and E.D.I Mean on Instagram Live May 4th at 2 PM/PT. Follow Jamil @jdamji and E.D.I. @edidono4l for all the latest.


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