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Jamal Crawford Talks Tupac, Lakers vs Bulls Game

In a recent interview Jamal Crawford talks Tupac and sneaking at the Forum to watch Laker Games as a kid. During this particular game on February 2nd, 1996 the Bulls would take on the Lakers in Los Angeles.


Crawford would immediately mention Tupac when asked about sneaking into the Forum, “That was the one time ever seen Tupac Shakur. So not only did I sneak but I was able to kind of get close enough to where the railings were, where the players walked to the locker rooms. I remember it was Suge Knight walked through and nobody said a word. It was quite.”

Jamal Crawford also recalls seeing LL Cool J back stage. Interesting enough Reggie Wright Jr. had once stated LL Cool J tried to talk to Tupac at the Lakers game, but Tupac wasn’t having it. This has yet to be confirmed by anyone else. “LL Cool J walked through and everybody was screaming LL,” says Crawford.

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“Then Tupac goes through. He is ducking and smiling, people are trying to grab him. It was crazy,” Crawford recalls. Crawford also mentions rare footage which hit the net recently of Tupac coming out from the Lakers game.

Suge Knight also talked about this particular game on September 19, 1996 during an interview with BET. “After the game he would grab me and be hugging me. Man I had so much fun. Don’t you know this is the first I ever been to a basketball game,” Suge Knight talking about Tupac during the interview.

As the interviewer is trying to figure out when the game took place, the interviewer asks Jamal if it was on December 16, 1995. Jamal when on to say yes that sounds about right. The correct date for the game was on February 2nd 1996. Highlights form the game can be seen below.


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