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Jafrass Releases Music Video For Jealous

Notnice Records artist, Jafrass, has released his latest music video for the single “Jealous’.

The Jamaican artist, is on the right path musically and personally, looking to inspire and encourage those to live a more positive life.

Dropping his new music video on Saturday (February 29), “Jealous” is produced by Droptop Records.

Jafrass Releases Music Video For Jealous

“That’s why mi stay inna mi lane and skip dem company
Cah mi find out di pu**y dem nah nuh love for mi
Mi get addicted to mi yard, it’s like ah drugs to mi
If yuh nuh follow mi pon IG, yuh nuh must see mi
Mi stay inna mi lane, make dem gwan fight fi di mane
Plus mi ugly nuh f***, tell dem seh wi nuh look di same
Yuh nuh mi bredda dawg, yuh blood nuh run through fimmi vein
Gwan allow mi for peace, yuh really wan’ fi reign,” Jafrass on “Jealous”.

Jafrass is currently performing live at the 2nd Annual Unity Festival which concludes on March 1st. The free admission event starts off at 4PM.

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