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Jadakiss, Pusha T Visuals For “Hunting Season”

Jadakiss who dropped his latest album “Ignatius“, drops the visuals for “Hunting Season” featuring Pusha T.

Before presenting the visuals to “Hunting Season” directed by Try Lyons, Jadakiss offers a disclosure to viewers.

“The Lyrical content should not be taken literally. The artist and makers do not condone violence of any kind. The content of this video is purely meant to express an artistic point of view in a tasteful and respectful manner. All props and violent imagery represented and merely used for the overall visual aesthetic and should not be taken seriously by any means,” Jadakiss writes.

Jadakiss, Pusha T Visuals For "Hunting Season"

Virginia native, and owner of Heir Wave Music Group, Pusha T kicks joins Jadakiss on “Hunting Season”. “The greatest rapper with the least sold, no repo / Taxman ain’t at my peephole, here’s a kilo / To the Victor goes the spoils like I’m Oladipo / All the record label cheat codes, none for me though.”

Not to be outdone by the New York lyricsts, as Jadakiss questions Hip Hop artists leadership, “For my thugs in the cage , slugs in the gauge /
They just want a couple likes, a lil’ love on they page / That just makes me wanna hollow a brother / We supposed to be leaders, then why y’all wanna follow each other?.”

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Ignatius, Jada’s fifth studio album, named after a good friend of his which lost his life to colon cancer. “For everybody who know him, he was the Ruff Ryder A&R. He worked on all the Ruff Ryder complications, all of my albums, X albums, Eve, Drag On, the whole camp.”


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