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Jadakiss Plays Diddy’s “Victory” Verse In Verzuz Battle Cause He Wrote It!

Monday night saw two New York Hip Hop artists, Jadakiss and Fabolous, battle in the latest installment of Verzuz. One particular Diddy verse was played and the internet went crazy!

Half way through the battle, and Jadakiss hilariously entertaining viewers, Fabolous dropped ‘Ball Drop’. The hit single which featured French Montana, had everyone vibing, but what was next had the internet going crazy.

Jadakiss Plays Diddy's "Victory" Verse In Verzuz Battle Cause He Wrote It!
Fab and Jada / Photo by Lenny S.

“Listen ladies and gentleman. This joint right here,” Jadakiss tells the viewers as he just warming up. “I’ma start my first of the second ten by a join that I wrote. This is a joint I wrote. And, just let me know if ya’ll know it.”

Immediately after, the beat drops, and Biggie Smalls is heard saying, “One. One two. Check me out right here yo.” The reaction from the viewers was one to remember, as Diddy’s verse begins, and Jada recites the lyrics. “Yo, the sun don’t shine forever / You can turn the track up a little bit for me / But as long as it’s here then we might as well shine together.”

Jadakiss who along with The Lox was signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy Records, is not one to shy away from taking shots as Diddy. But, even more so, letting the Hip Hop world not forget how valuable and instrumental himself and The Lox was. Often echoing the feeling of not getting enough credit.

As a result, Diddy and Jada were both trending. Aside from Jada letting the world know his ghost writing for Diddy’s ‘Victory’ verse, Jada entertained viewers all night while drinking Ciroc. This would lead to hilarious Tweets as seen below.


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