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Jadakiss On Megan Thee Stallion Contract, Free The Lox Campaign

Appearing on Real 92.3 L.A., Hip Hop veteran Jadakiss gives his thoughts on artist having issues with their current contracts and record labels.

Recently Hip Hop artist Megan Thee Stallion legal issues with her label had become public. Record label 1501, owned by former MLB player Carl Crawford, had been accused of not allowing Megan to release her album. Allegations also claimed the label owned Megan’s masters, and 30% profits of live performances.

When asked about dealing with contracts and record label disputes, Jadakiss share his thoughts on Real 92.3 L.A. “The proper way would be is to sit down with the people you in, and try to come to some sort of agreement. But, doing that you gotta know that they don’t have to.”

“Once they’re ink is dry, and its legally done, they don’t have to renegotiate or switch anything. So, your approach with whoever you’re trying to rectify with, should be well thought out. Cause once you go balls to the walls, and put all it out there, it makes the renegotiation even harder,” said Jadakiss.

Jadakiss On Megan Thee Stallion Contract, Free The Lox Campaign

Jadakiss is no stranger to record label issues, as he and his group The Lox had their “Free The Lox” campaign. Back in November of 2005, Styles P and Jadakiss went on Hot 97 and aired out their thoughts on Puff Daddy.

At the time The Lox was signed to Bad Boy records and wanted out of their contracts asap. This would kick start the “Free the Lox” campaign. Fighting for their publishing, Diddy would oblige and a settlement was reached later that year.

“We was younger. That’s why I can’t fault or judge nobody on how they handle it. We was younger. We was young and reckless. But, at that same time we put our hands in it and said this is what we gon do, we knew it could have not worked or it could have been over,” explains Jadakiss. “Collectively all three of us said f*** this what we gotta do.”

Now knowing what he knows, and being a vet in the industry, Jadakiss would handle things much different today. “If this was us today we wouldn’t have handle it like that. We wouldn’t have gon social media. or we wouldn’t gon on the air. We would’ve tried to go see him, and sit down with his lawyer and our lawyer.”

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Jadakiss recently dropped his fifth studio album “Ignatius” which was named after a good friend of his which lost his life to colon cancer.


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