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Jadakiss And Fabolous Talk Game Plan For Their Verzuz Battle

The latest installment of the Verzuz battle will take place on Monday night, June 29th via Apple Music. Up next is Jadakiss and Fabolous who appeared on The Breakfast Club Monday morning to discuss their game plan for the epic showdown.

No need to worry on connection issues, the Fab Verzuz Jada battle will have both artists together in the same location. Where exactly will they battle is unknown, but one thing is for sure no rules, anything goes. Both artists will go deep into their own catalog’s and do not expect to pull from their collaboration album ‘Friday On Elm Street”.

Hype surrounding the Verzuz battle between the two New York native emcees is one far greater then previous battles. Since agreeing to battle one another, the two artists have been bombarded with various playlists and song suggestions for their epic showdown.

“That’s the craziest part cause everybody got their own playlist,” Fabolous explains. “Everybody got their own list of what they think you should play. And, what you should play to get whatever reaction. But, its really unsure to completely tell what you should play.”

“I’ve gotten 40 million text, DM’s, all type of letters in a bottle. I’m sure he got all of the same stuff,” Jadakiss added.

Cardi B herself is also preparing for the Verzuz battle between Jada and Fab. Taking it to Twitter to explain how she is preparing for the battle. “Ordering my pelle pelle anbd my timbs for the Fabolous & Jadakiss verzuz battle. ITS LIT,” tweeted Cardi.

For Jadakiss, he has released six studio albums and appeared on many classics hits along with The Lox. Fabolous on the hand, has been a solo artist his entire career, and will bring his seven studio albums to the battle.

“There’s no set recipe. just using all of the seasons in front of you,” Jada said. Part of the seasoning is the depth and layers of their perspective catalogs. From freestyles to street classics, nothing is off limits. “I don’t wanna over talk to the battle before the battle even happens, but there’s so many layers to our catalog, you really gotta pick the right record. And, you’re playing for the audience too. Same way when you go do a show,” Fabolous said.

When it comes to performing at a show, many artists also debut new songs, something that is a possibility for Monday night’s Fab Verzuz Jada battle. “It’s possible. I don’t wanna make everybody expectation to something that… It is what it is. They got to tune it,” Fabolous said.


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