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Jada Pinkett Smith Reflects On Past Debates With 2Pac

In celebration of 2Pac’s 49th birthday, Jada Pinkett Smith posted a 1992 MTV interview with Shakur, captioning the video as she reflected on her past debates with her dear friend.

The friendship between 2Pac and Jada is well documented, sometimes not portrayed one hundred percent to the liking of Mrs. Smith. A friendship that started in their days at the Baltimore School for the Arts.

Their “complex relationship’ as Jada Pinkett Smith called it during her Red Table Talk, which even made Will Smith feel jealousy towards 2Pac. Also read: Will Smith Talks Jealousy And Biggest Regret For Tupac.

Jada Pinkett Smith and 2Pac

In her Instagram caption, Jada writes, “During this time I often think about the many, many thoughtful debates Tupac and I would have around the relationship between racism, sexism, misogyny, poverty and how they all play a crucial part in the oppression of Black people and other communities of color so that capitalism could exist and thrive. We were tired of seeing our people at the bottom and we were in constant debate of the state of Black youth and what we needed to do to help change the condition of our community. We agreed and disagreed passionately but the one thing we had in common … we shared a deep love for Black people and a commitment to do our best to spark minds and create change no matter how big or small.”

Twenty-five years later and 2Pac’s music and words of wisdom heard throughout various interviews is still as powerful and relevant than ever. Don’t believe? Just ask the thousands of protesters around the world reciting 2Pac’s lyrics for the hit song ‘Changes‘. In fact, two week ago, ‘Changes’ re-entered into the iTunes Top 100, reaching as high as the number 25th spot.

“I think about what our conversations would be today. His words are still sooooo deeply relevant and inspiring as he watches from above as we march on. He would be so grateful for the courage and passion of the youth today,” Jada wrote.


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