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Ja Rule Furious At ESPN For Clowning Him With Throwback Video

Ja Rule is once again on the news, and once again its not as he had hoped. ESPN reminded everyone of a live Ja Rule half-time performance where the crowd on hand gave the Hip Hop artist a lackluster response.

During a NBA half-time show between the Bucks and Timberwolves game, Ja Rule was called upon to give the crowd a memorable moment. And indeed it was.

When Rule asked the crowd, “Are you ready?!”, they barely responded and the internet ran with the epic fail moment. Although Ja Rule explained that it was a technical issue that led to the crowd not hearing him, the internet showed no mercy.

Over a year later and ESPN on Sunday morning (July 26) reminded their followers of the moment. Sharing the video via Twitter and writing, “Never forget this Ja Rule moment.”

Ja Rule voiced his thoughts after seeing the throwback post. Accusing the sports media giant of “clout chasing” and suggested firing whoever shared the post.

Clearly upset by the throwback video, Ja Rule once again explained that it was a technical issue that prompted the lackluster response from the crowd.


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