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Ja Rule Continues To Taunt 50 Cent For Possible Verzuz Battle

Since its creation, many have tired to lure 50 Cent into a Verzuz battle. From T.I. to The Game, and even long time foe, Ja Rule.

In a recent interview with HipHopDX, the former Murder Inc. artist, continued to make the case for a possible Verzuz appearance, stating that he is a phone call away.

Ja Rule who says he is fan of Verzuz, also believes there is no way he and 50 Cent would ever grace a Verzuz stage together. Back in April of 2020, Fif quickly put those talks to rest with a few social media posts.


One of which had 50 Cent sharing a photoshopped picture of Ja Rule sitting on the streets with the words “I Will battle 50 Cent for attention” written on a piece of cardboard, along with the caption of, “Stupid #fryfestival.”

50 Cent Responds To Ja Rule Verzuz Challenge

But who would Ja Rule battle? Regardless of who it is, Rule says he would like to have fun either way and also making it clear that he has a deep catalog. “Everybody don’t want the smoke,” Ja Rule said. “I got heat. When I do my shows, its like an hour straight of hit records.”

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Rule also question the rules for Verzuz. “What are you allowed to do, man. I be seeing a lot of funny dutty (ishh) going on, on Verzuz. Like, ‘Man, hold up. That ain’t your song! How you playing that on Verzuz?’ So, you can play any song as long as you’re on it? Is that how this goes,” Ja Rule asked.


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