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J Young MDK Teams Up With The Outlawz For “Don’t Leave” Remix

Atlanta born rapper and songwriter J Young MDK has released ‘Don’t Leave’ (Remix) and it features the legendary Hip Hop Group The Outlawz.

Jermaine Carter, better known as J Young MDK, has started his music career with the right people around him. Having an idol as his mentor in Jamie Foxx, J Young MDK’s diverse style has proven to be popular.

In 2019, he released ‘Now or Never’, executive produced by Jamie Foxx. ‘Now or Never’ saw 100,000 streams in its first week, immediately grabbing the attention of the likes of Snoop Dogg and Chris Brown. J Young MDK has continued his success into 2020 releasing ‘Vibe on Me’ and his latest single ‘Don’t Leave’ featuring Sam Harmonix.

Dropping the remix version for ‘Don’t Leave’ on Wednesday (June 3), J Young MDK calls on the legendary Outlawz, who deliver raw lyrics over the slow tempo beat. In light of the unlawful killing of George Floyd, ‘Don’t Leave’ reflects on the subject of racism and police brutality.

Outlaw veteran Young Noble speaks on COINTELPRO and the Black Panther movement, urging people to keep fighting the fight until no longer oppressed. With some of the protests turning violent, many have questioned why burn buildings. Understanding the history and anger, Young Noble raps, “Early death or early grave they’re trying to hurry us. That’s why they burning down s— cuz y’all not hearing us.”

Closing out the remix, E.D.I Mean asks “How much can we take before we break again?” Speaking on a higher level, stating that he’s arming himself with more than a weapon, urging people to strategize. The hope dealer calls for unity between all races.

Listen to J Young MDK “Don’t Leave (Remix)” featuring The Outlawz and Sam Harmonix below.


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