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J. Stone First Interview Since Nipsey Hussle’s Passing

Appearing on No Jumper, this is J. Stone’s first interview since the passing of his friend, Nipsey Hussle.


J. Stone recalls his times with Nipsey Hussle when they were teens. Way before Nipsey’s first record deal with Epic. “We from the same neighborhood, that right there, and you know, then we liked the same things. We got together on that, then we both were doing music, and he had a passion for music. I had a passion for music. So, we be hustling in the streets, and then we like you know what let’s go into the studio.”

“We went to the studio. We vibed out, and then we start making records after records. Sh*t took off after that. Easier said then done. The road to success wasn’t easy and the two of them went through a lot to become successful.

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j. stone and nipsey hussle

With that being said, the success that would come didn’t surprise J. Stone, but unfortunately for J. Stone he wasn’t able to enjoy some of that early success. “It seem like every time bro would drop a tape, I’d get locked up right before the release. I would like miss the fun part. I’d be there for the grinding part, and then right when the fun is getting ready to happen, always go to jail.”

Fast forward to 2019, after the passing of Nipsey Hussle, J. Stone is ready to take it to the next level. “I feel like I got the weight of the world on my shoulders.”

J. Stone recently released his new song featuring YFN Lucci and Mozzy. Produced by Young Bugatti, the All Money In artist is ready show the world why Nipsey Hussle co-signed him. As well as make his own mark in the game.

View the exclusive interview below with J. Stone on No Jumper


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