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J.I. ‘Spanglish’ Music Video Back Up After YT Deleted It

For whatever reason YouTube decided to delete J.I.’s latest music video for ‘Spanglish’. But, the New York rapper isn’t worried. As he states, “Minor set up back. Major come back.”

The latest single features Myke Towers who drop his opening verse in Spanglish over a Swift Bundi beat. J.I. is set to release his ‘Welcome To GStarr Vol1’ on July 17, and is asking fans to not get discouraged by the minor set back.

“The video got deleted at 200K. We had maybe like an hour ago, we had like two hundred thousand. If you a fan of J.I. You f— with me. You f— with the song Spanglish I need ya’ll to run the video up. Run these views back up. Let’s do a million.”

Currently the video is back with over 200K views, as the single is also available for streaming on major platforms.

“She got a n—- speakin’ Spanish / I’ll make you learn a different language, oh-oh-oh / I don’t wanna leave you stranded / Translate the way I feel just so you understand it, oh-oh-oh / Yo no sé qué tú quiere’ / What you want, you gon’ get it,” raps J.I. on ‘Spanglish’.


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