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Is The UK Government Doing Enough In Coronavirus Pandemic?

What a strange start to a year that started full of promise, hope and potential. Instead, we have a sporting icon die in the most horrific way, devastating Australian fires, the death of Pop Smoke and coronavirus sweeping across the globe.

At the start of 2020, we didn’t envision any of these tragedies happening. Now the world faces a global pandemic due to the coronavirus.

With the global death toll exceeding 6,500 it’s certainly a testing time for humanity. With uncertainty cast in the minds of the public, it’s lead to panic buying. This has left shops empty of the essentials like baby items and food.

Is The UK Government Doing Enough In Coronavirus Pandemic?
Asda in Westbrook, Warrington

Using a quote from Twitter from former member of the legendary Hip Hop group, the Outlawz, E.D.I Mean, “When people drown, most die from panicking”, this is true.

Witnessing people selfishly piling multiple trolleys worth of food, even stealing from the elderly, to come back and do the same is shocking. Watching this behavior says a lot about the greed in our society.

No sooner shops have put goods out, they’re gone within minutes, leaving the shelves empty until their next delivery. Consequently, this puts pressure on logistics teams who supply supermarkets with essential stock.

Of course, mainstream media hasn’t helped, with constant negativity about coronavirus. But the way some people are reacting, I can only described it as irresponsible.

In my opinion, although the UK government has finally put some sort of restrictions, it needs to go further. While they’ve issued warnings for the vulnerable to distance themselves from the public, there are calls to close schools. Although I’m a big advocate of education, I believe that this needs to happen sooner rather than later.

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As we face the coronavirus pandemic, try to keep positive and look after ourselves, our families and those in need. Wherever you are in the world, keep yourself and your families safe, don’t panic and keep ya head up!


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