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Is Slim 400 New Tekashi Tattoo Real Or Fake? Watch The Video

Tekashi’s on going beef with various Hip Hop artists continues. This time Slim 400 new Tekashi tattoo took the beef to another level.

Reigniting the feud is Slim 400 who on Saturday (August 15) took to social media showing up his new ink. Slim’s new Tekashi tattoo reads, “F–k 69” on the right side of his back.

Not only did Slim show his dislike for Tekashi with a new tattoo, but also had a message for 6ix9ine. “Talkin’ bout ‘Do you love it?’ We don’t love you, ni–a,” Slim said. “And we see you over there on that ave, ni–a. Bout to beat yo ass. You lucky you is over there early in the morning like you always muthaf–kin’ do. You hopped down to Chicago, early. You hopped into L.A., early. Bi–h, you a hoe. And you the biggest clout chaser of em’ all.”

Back in 2018, Slim and Tekashi had a stand off where the two artists shouted back at each other. That was then and this is now, and still Slim 400 is standing up for his city. According to Slim 400, Tekashi is disrespecting his hometown of L.A. and most recently disrespecting the late Nipsey Hussle.

During his recent trip to L.A., Tekashi near the The Marathon Clothing Store, took a knee in front of a Nipsey Hussle mural. Some saw this as a disrespect, but for Tekashi he was just showing love to an artist he admires.

Speaking to TMZ, Tekashi further explained why he took a knee in front of Nipsey’s mural. “I love Nipsey. You saw I paid respect – got on one knee. I love Nipsey, you heard? Just like you love Biggie. That’s it. That’s all.”

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