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Is Collaboration Better than Competition? | EP.26

On episode 26, we welcome our friend Liz Dorval. We discuss the difference between competitive and collaborative mindsets, their association to the loneliness epidemic, the stark division in American politics, and how we can learn to achieve both individual and collective success.

Zero-Sum Thinking is the belief that, in some situation, if someone wins, another loses. This is true and applicable some of the time, but what happens when this perspective becomes over-generalized and one views the world as a zero-sum game, strictly of winners and losers?

It can transform our mindset into one of competition, where we begin to view others as rivals on a planet of few resources. But, at the other end of the spectrum is the collaborative mindset, in which we view others as helpers and individuals pursuing their own specific goals in the service of higher, collective, ones. Is one mindset better than the other?

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