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iPhone 12 Pro: View The Rumored “Navy Blue” Edition

Plus Rumored Release Date, Specs, Pricing

Apple is set to release their most powerful mobile phone device ever with the iPhone 12 Pro, as it is rumored to have have an amazing 6GB of RAM.

Its the time of year as we inch closer to latest iPhone release from Apple. With its Beta public release of iOS14, users can get a feel for the latest features, which include app libraries, widgets, new icons, and picture-to-picture. With the software end out the way, iPhone enthusiast attempt to dig up hardware leaked information provided by by reliable sources. Let us help you sort out all that information.

According to Lovetodream, Apple will double the amount of RAM on their Pro series for the iPhone. With the intentions of greater multitasking performance. But, this incredible boost will only be available for Pro versions, not any other 12 models.

The new Pro is also rumored to replace the iPhone 11 Pro’s “Midnight Green” with a new “Navy Blue” edition. Appearing at times more grey than blue, the Pro version will showcase the color throughout its sharp edge metal frame.

Exclusive rendered photos of the new iPhone 12 Pro “Navy Blue” edition can be seen below thanks to svetapple.

More Leaked Rumors for the iPhone 12 Pro

  • No headphones or a power adapter.
  • Price: iPhone 12 $649, Pro at $999, Pro Max for $1,099.
  • Screen Size: iPhone 12 5.4-inch display and Pro with a 6.1-inch display. Max version with a 6.1-inch display
  • First time ever 5G connectivity, with Apple’s own proprietary 5G antennas.
  • Battery size: 3,687mAh (Max version), 2,227mAh (12 version), 2,775 (Pro version)
  • Release date: Fall 2020. Possibly October unlike its normal September release over the years, due to the coronoavirus pandemic reports The Wall Street Journal.


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