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Inspectah Deck Talks Classic Song: I Heard Tupac Was Hating

During an interview with the People’s Party, Wu-Tang Clan member Inspectah Deck reveals how he ended up off Got My Mind Made up and hearing that Tupac hated on his verse.

“Recently I heard Pac was hating,” Inspectah Deck said laughing. “It is alright. Rest in peace to the soldier. I wouldn’t have wanted no problem with me on the track neither at that time. At that time I was super hungry.”

Inspectah Deck Talks Classic Song: I Heard Tupac Was Hating
Inspectah Deck

For Inspectah Deck this was an opportunity to be heard and showcase his lyrical skills. Originally was suppose slated for Method Man and Redman. “He [Method Man] said, ‘Yo I’m going to Daz house later on tonight’. Meth was like come through. So, I said ok. I rolled up with Meth and Red. Got there, Daz, RBX, Lady of Rage — its heads in the building.”


After Meth and Redman laid their verses down, others were taking too long. For Deck, he was ready. “I get on the mic say my thing. It wasn’t even a plan for me to be on the track, its just like I got in there, the mic is open.” Inspectah Deck said on the People’s Party.

Lady of Rage and RBX followed on the track that originally was suppose to feature only Daz, Kurupt, Method Man, and Redman.

“The story I heard was that Pac came home. Obviously he signed to Death Row, needed some songs, and getting the snatch on. You got Meth and Red on this, ok nice let me get that,” Deck explained. “I guess when he heard everybody else, was like nah the song is too long.”

On the released version of the song which appeared on All Eyez On Me (Book 1), Deck is heard at the end of the track. This was intentionally done by producer Daz Dillinger.

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