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Ink Drippin’ Talks Black Ink Crew Compton, Car Accident That Changed His Life

Tattoo artist and VH1’s cast member of Black Ink Crew Compton, Ink Drippin’ stops by The Dinner Club to talk about Black Ink, car accident, and when he realized he had a talent.

Prior to Tattooing for three years, Ink Drippin’ was working on custom clothing, various design work and music. “I’m an artist of all trades,” explains Ink Drippin’. An artist that as a kid that many saw his potential. “Moms was definitely on my head about it, she was like yo you gotta do something with it.”

It wasn’t until he had a pair of Jordan 1’s at the age of seven that he realize he has a talent. “I was like seven years old and I started drawing my own shoe designs. Customize my own shoes on paper, like designing the shoe and everything. so, I was opening up some Jordan’s. I had gotten the Jordan 1’s and it came with the pamphlet, how was the shoe breakdown. How it was designed and stuff, so I kinda like made my own thing and did it myself and it looked just like the one that came in the Jordan pamphlet. I was like yo, I think I might got something.”

Ink drippin' cast member of black ink crew compton on VH1

That something has landed him a spot on VH1’s Black Ink Crew Compton. The Compton native, who is half black and half mexican, has changed his life for the better. After surviving a horrific car accident, Ink Drippin’ decided to get on track and purse his art full-time.

I wasn’t putting my art into the world. Wasn’t putting my talent god gave me…I wasn’t giving back…. that car accident just opened my eyes, was like a realization I’m not herr for all this, I’m here for a bigger picture.” – Ink

Ink uses his art as an outlet and according to him, its only the beginning. “It’s really just the beginning honestly. So, like you said, you know, your talent is gonna be found. You know, the message is gon be heard. So, we just getting started. Getting the message out as much as possible.”

This opportunity didn’t come over night. “My pops use to tell me growing up when I was around him a lot, ‘obstacles is what you see when you take your eyes off the goal’. So, that kinda always stuck in my head and it was like nothing can really stop me because I know where I wanna go.”

Catch Ink Drippin’ on Black Ink Crew Compton on VH1 every Wednesday nights 7PM.

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