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Idris Elba Says Tupac’s Music Played At The Royal Wedding After-Party

Idris Elba talks to Good Morning America about Tupac’s music played at the royal wedding party.

London born actor Elba is multi-skilled with turning his hand to being a DJ. Playing at Coachella in the past, he’s added another high profile event to his list. He put together the playlist for the 2018 royal wedding.

Idris Elba Says Tupac’s Music Played At Royal Wedding After-Party

Appearing on ABC’s Good Morning America on July 30th where he briefly revealed information about the playlist.

In another interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra earlier this month, the actor-DJ revealed that Meghan specifically asked for certain “west coast” songs to be played. What better way then to have Tupac’s music played at Royal Wedding.

Talking about newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s after-party to co-host Michael Strahan, Elba says they had a great time. They danced the night away to the sounds of ‘Pac and other popular artists.

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“They had a great time, they had some particular music they wanted me to play, some Whitney Houston, some Tupac—it went down,” Elba said.

Idris Elba also talked about starring in the new ‘Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw’ movie. Released on August 2nd, the popular DJ plays the role of Brixton Lore alongside Dwayne Johnson. Not only does he star in the movie, so does his music featuring Cypress Hill.

“I like to make songs and whatnot and I made this song and Cypress Hill, the legendary rap group. I said, ‘listen to this demo, would you jump on it with me?’ And they said, ‘yes,’ and it was amazing.”

As a result of playing the track to the cast and director David Leitch, it ended up in the movie.


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