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Ice-T On Tekashi: A Blind Man Could Have Seen That Coming

Speaking to AllHipHopTV, Hip-Hop royalty, Ice-T talks about the differences between his generation and today’s generation. How today’s generation moves in a way that is self-destructive. None better example than Tekashi 6ixine.

“It’s a whole new thing. You get your budget, you get your starter kit. The drug dealer from your neighborhood puts his jewelry on you. And, you get on Instagram, and you holding money, and you putting this out there. Without any real regard to the crimes you committing, the try snitching you;re doing on yourself, what you telling, what you putting out there,” explains Ice-T.

As seen throughout social media, most use that platform to “brand” themselves. A huge mistake according to Ice-T. “Rule one. The number one tool of law enforcement is social media. Number one.”

Ice-T On Tekashi: A Blind Man Could Have Seen That Coming
Ice-T on set of Law & Order

Over the years we have seen the likes of Trippie Red and Tekashi utilize social media to portray an image that will ultimately sell records. A recipe for disaster nowadays. “Little youngsters pump your breaks. Don’t let the image of being this wild motherfu**er to sell records out you in prison,” says Ice-T.

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Hustling backwards has been the downfall for many in Hip-Hop, something Ice-T can’t understand why. “When I got in the game of rapping, I if gotta act wild to sell records, I ain’t selling no records. I’m not finna go to prison, I’m hustling backwards. I’m trying to get out of the game, so I’m over here on my best behavior,” explains Ice-T.

It is that mindset that has resulted in the success Ice-T has gained over the years. Not to mention the longevity in the “game”. “The only time you ever heard about me and the police, is traffic tickets. You never heard about me getting into no trouble,” says the west coast legend.

“Tekashi man, a blind man could have seen that was coming. And, the poor kid, you know, was putting it on so heavy,” says Ice-T. “If you test the streets, they’ll take that fade. They’ll catch that fade with you,” says Ice-T.

Tekashi 6ix9ine is currently waiting his day of sentencing which is set for December 18. One can expect Tekashi to be released by the end of the year, as he could be hit with time served. This would allow Tekashi to be released quicker than expected.


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