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Ice-T On Mistakes That Led To The Demise Of Tupac [Video]

Legendary hip-hop artist Ice-T appeared on AllHipHopTV where he spoke about what he feels was the demise of Tupac Shakur.

Sitting down with allhiphop.com, Ice-T believes that Tupac’s affiliation with different gangs gave off an uneasy vibe.

Knowing Tupac personally, the two connected as friends, as well as fellow hip-hop emcees. The pair appeared together in a May 1996 showing of Saturday Night Live, performing a duet of the Barbara Streisand classic ‘You Don’t Bring Me Flowers’.

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Breaking down where he thinks Tupac made critical mistakes, Ice-T looks at the transition from the group Thug Life to his time with Death Row Records. Firstly he points out that Tupac was smart but maybe didn’t know the gang rules of the area.

A few of the Thug Life members were part of Crip sets, with gang members noticing Tupac’s affiliation. Later in his career, ‘Pac became a Death Row artist, with the label known for it’s association with Bloods.

Ice-T & Tupac

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Speaking on Tupac associating with both Crips and Bloods, Ice-T said “you can’t get reckless out here, especially in LA with gangs. ‘Pac is from the Bay, you in L. A. these gangs operate differently. You over here with Thug Life, with some Crips, you with Rated R, you with Macadoshis. Now you over here with these Piru’s and some Bloods.” He added that crossing the divide between entertainment and gang banging became Tupac’s demise.

Fast forward to 12:38 to hear about Tupac.


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