Ice Cube Talks Tupac Diss Record Hit Em Up

Ice Cube sat down with music media site Genius to discuss diss tracks, speaking his mind and Tupac.

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The legendary former NWA member talked with Genius’ Head of Artist Relations Rob Markman on the latest episode of ‘For The Record’.

Because Ice Cube delivered one of the most well known diss records in hip-hop in the form of ‘No Vaseline’ the conversation turned to diss tracks that stood the test of time.

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Speaking on his favorite diss, Ice Cube said, “Some of my favorites is the original ‘Rock The Bells,’ ‘Let’s Go’ with LL and Kool Moe Dee. ‘Let’s Go’ is crazy, too. ‘Jack The Ripper,’ great record. Then you got disses like Nas and Jay, that’s just crazy. Tupac, Biggie going back at it. ‘Hit Em Up’ was crazy.”

Tupac & The Outlawz
Tupac & The Outlawz shooting the video for ‘Hit Em Up’

Host Rob Markman touches on Tupac and The Outlawz diss track ‘Hit em Up’ labeling it as a game changer in the world of hip-hop. But Ice Cube thought ‘Pac went too hard saying, “I think he went to far. If I’m mad at you trust me I could think of five verses for just you I don’t have to go at your family, your kids, your whole life. It’s one on one mano a mano in a way”

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The West Coast legend also talks about his new album, ‘Everythang’s Currupt’, which was released in December 2018.

Watch Ice Cube talk diss tracks and Tupac to Genius below.

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