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Ice Cube Everythang’s Corrupt, BIG3, Donald Trump

“I talk about everybody… nobody is exempt on an Ice Cube record”

Ice Cube appeared on The Breakfast Club to talk his new album Everythang’s Corrupt. When asked about the song ‘Fire The President’ and if Cube felt he would receive backlash from the President, Ice Cube doesn’t care, “Man, you black in America, somebody is trying to get revenge on you anyway. So, I tell his ass to stand in line.” Ice Cube said he wouldn’t worry about Trump supporters “Nah, I ain’t worried about that.”

Given his status and all he has accomplished Ice Cube still feels a need to speak on the issues that are going on in the world, “That’s what I’m all about. You know that’s what hip hop is all about to me. Its the freedom to say what you feel. You know I feel sorry for artists that don’t have that freedom right now and I do.”

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Also Ice Cube talks BIG3, Celebrity Deathmatch and who’s opinion he values when it comes to his music.


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