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Ice Cube Copied Tupac And Death Row Claims Reggie Wright Jr.

Former head of security for Death Row Records, Reggie Wright Jr. gives his reason for believing Ice Cube copied Tupac and Death Row Records. In another clip from his interview with The Art Of Dialogue, Reggie gives three reasons to back up his claim.

“Pac had did an interview out there talking about that. He use to talk about that you know, around our circle, that Cube was joking his style or stealing his style,” says Reggie when asked if there is any truth to Ice Cube copying Tupac.

Tupac never shied away from expressing how he felt about Ice Cube. Especially when it came to Ice Cube releasing the song Bow Down in 1996. the interview Reggie is referring to is the one Rob Marriot conducted on August 24, 1996. This interview would also be Tupac’s last.

“I dig Ice Cube. I looked up to him, but because I looked up to him and I studied his style, master his (ishh), I know what he is doing is wrong. His (ishh) ain’t selling, so now he’s going to the war (ishh) and he is using us as the gas. He just dropped some (ishh) called ‘Bow Down’. And if you listen to it you can see he heard Hit Em Up and was like oh that’s how its suppose to be,” explains Tupac during the Rob Marriot interview.


‘Why wasn’t he making them bow down when I was in jail. That’s what I mean. That’s wrong and I’m not gonna let that happen, cause then that would make me obsolete,” says Tupac.

Reggie Wright Jr. wouldn’t go as far as saying that there was a beef, but himeself, Tupac and Death Row records were aware of Ice Cube’s “copying”.

Ice Cube: Tupac went to far on Hit Em Up

Earlier this year Ice Cube appeared on Genius where he spoke about Tupac and the Outlawz Hit Em Up. Watch the full interview here.

Ice Cube believes there is such a thing as going to far when it comes to diss songs in Hip Hop. Cube feels mentioning kids, family and wives is a no for any diss song.

Host Rob Markman felt Tupac changed the rules of the game with Hit Em Up. Ice Cube felt Tupac went too far. “I think he went to far too. You know I just, me personally, I ain’t got to diss. If I’m mad at you trust me I could think of five verses for just you. I don’t have to go at your family, your kids, your whole life. It’s one on one mano a mano in a way,” said Ice Cube.

Reggie Wright Jr. gives his other two reasons for believing Ice Cube was copying Tupac and Death Row records. Reasons that include Lisa Raye, who appeared on Tupac’s music video ‘Toss It Up‘ and Mike Epps character on All About The Benjamins, named Reggie Wright.


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