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Hussein Fatal Outlaw Workout: The Beginning

On January 11, 2014 Hussein Fatal began his Outlaw Workout blog exclusively here for the O4L Online Network.

Today is the start of a new beginning for you, me too, because week by week I’ll be posting pictures and giving tips on how to get healthy eat healthy and stay healthy. You heard this before right? “Health is Wealth”.

Truth. Can’t enjoy your wealth with faulty health. Not only that you wanna be around in them later years to enjoy your kids your grand kids family period. When the day comes and I tell my daughters boyfriend to have her home by 11:00. I’m willing to bet when he sees my back arm triceps he’ll be pulling up at 10:30. Only way we can take in the future is If we’re ready for it so today’s tip men and women we’ll start light and get you guys amped up and ready for next week.

Hussein Fatal Outlaw Workout: The Beginning

Remember these exercises you can do all week until we meet again, so again today’s tip will be when the good lord wakes you up in the morning first thing you’ll do is drink some water. Water is very important, not only does it HELP prevent heart attacks it gets your wheels turning in the A.M exactly like Oil to a car engine. It gets that much needed oxygen to the body and muscles. So again grab some water before doing anything next thing were gonna do so you don’t pull any muscles you might not have worked in years is “STRETCH” NOTE: stretching is equally as important as the water.

Then we’ll start with squats 4 sets 15-12-10-8 if you can do more do them no sweat. Next thing push-ups how ever many you can get out in 4 sets. By then you should be amped up & ready for the Day,  after a good Breakfast. Eating right is 50% of the workout and next week I’ll be sharing some eating tips as well as another workout you guys can throw In your regiment. So peace from Hussein until next week and remember “USE YOUR BRAIN”.


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