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Hussein Fatal Outlaw Workout: You Are What You Eat

On January 22, 2014 Hussein Fatal posted his second installment of his Outlaw Workout blog exclusively here for the O4L Online Network.

Okay so last week we talked about the importance of stretching.. water.. what to do when you get up in the morning…what else uh…squats, pushups..etc.

This week I’m gonna explain a lil quick trick to you guys about working out. Now as I stated last week, its all about diet. What percentage I couldn’t tell you, I’m not a pro, but what I do know is this, abs are made in the kitchen.

Hussein Fatal Outlaw Workout: You Are What You Eat

Not in the gym, so if you do a lot of core and looking to tighten up your abs you might want to follow a strict diet plan. As for me I try to eat five times a day. Hard for a skinny negro like myself but I manage. Depending on your body size and what you’re trying to shape, it may be a lil different.

So you want to cut out all white food, white bread, white potato, white rice. And just switch it white potato=sweet potato, white rice=brown rice, white bread=wheat bread. Whenever you eat, here’s an important one, ha and you’re not gonna like it.

The soda, No! No! Soda just like the white foods turn into sugar in your belly, causing fat which will lead to your abs never showing. They’ll be there, but they won’t show, life mine, I’m trying to get them right as we speak. So switch soda to iced tea or some kind of 100 percent fruit juice and you’ll be okay, it won’t kill you.

So like I said earlier, breakfast, eggs equals protein. Lots of eggs, fruit. Most of the time you’ll find you’re not even hungry so all it will take is to trick you’re mind. Trail mix, raisins, cranberries are good small snacks in between are perfect and thats the trick.

You are what you eat, so if you eat healthy???????? Okay then. Also since I only explained in between meals. I know ya’ll like what about the hungry mofo’s. Lol. Plenty of green vegetables. A lot of fish and occasional steak. If you’re trying to put on weight, lots of pasta and meat.

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Don’t forget five times a day healthy and light snacks in between healthy meals, and you should be seeing results by the summer I promise. So now you got the first week this week. Stay tuned for next week I might even put up a video or something. So until next week, eat clean and train dirty… and remember…. “Use ya brain” Its not them that’s killing us, its us that’s killing us…Peace!


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