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Hussein Fatal Lived Life To The Fullest, Was At Peace Before His Passing

Today, April, 3, is the birthday of former Outlaw member, the late great Hussein Fatal. So to remember and rejoice his life, we take a look at the latter years of his life, as told in his book ‘JOURNEY WITH AN OUTLAW‘.

On July 2015, Bruce Washington Jr. also known as Hussein Fatal from the legendary Hip Hop group the Outlawz, was involved in a tragic car collision.

This accident took the life of the 38-year-old New Jersey soldier. Before his death, Hussein Fatal put his life experience down on paper, putting together a book.

As a result of his sudden and untimely death, the New Jersey legend couldn’t finish the book himself. With the hard work of Fatal’s sister, Keisha Hussein, the project came out last November.

In the 185 page book, titled ‘Journey With An Outlaw’, Hussein Fatal firstly details his life growing up in Montclair, New Jersey.

This true account of the reality of the rough streets where ‘Dizza’ came from is eye-opening. Moving through the book, Hussein Fatal remains brutally honest, whether talking about the streets or the music industry.

When I read through the memoir of the fallen Outlaw, I came to a few conclusions. Firstly, how caring, thoughtful and loving he was to his friends, family and those dear to him. Secondly, the drive that he possessed to not only make money but to be successful at everything he put his mind to.

One part of the book that really stuck with me was ‘The Final Chapter’ with Outlawz member Young Noble. Speaking about the issues that they went through with Hussein Fatal, Noble put all that aside.

After straightening out differences, Fatal was back on board with the Outlawz, touring Europe and enjoying life. Tales from Amsterdam where Fatal was pleasantly surprised after finding out he could smoke weed legally.

hussein fatal
Hussein Fatal with fellow Outlaw Young Noble

The following is an excerpt from Young Noble’s contribution from the final chapter of the book. For me, it puts into perspective what Hussein Fatal meant to his outlaw brothers. In addition, it’s nice knowing Fatal enjoyed his final years making money, staying healthy and finding peace.

“I am just glad the in the last days of his life, he was on a positive note. Fatal was on the upswing in life, experiencing things he had never got to experience. He was trying to find a little peace in his life. I think that is important to relate to his fans and everybody who loved him, that he was at peace.”

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Happy heavenly birthday to Hussein Fatal, forever missed and in our hearts. Outlaw 4 Life.


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