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How Yo Gotti Lost $500K With One Wrong Move In Black Jack

Yo Gotti has a lot to smile about these days, as he prepares for his new album release on January 31st, and the success of his single ‘H.O.E.‘ But, one wrong move cost the talented Hip Hop artists half a million!

Appearing on the Real 92.3 LA, Yo Gotti explains how he lost 500K at the Shawn Foundation Carter Gala. During a game of Black Jack which also included Jay-Z, Yo Gotti as he calls it “was slippin” and made one wrong move. “I made the wrong move. I was really just slippin and I made the wrong move cause I did some s*** I shouldn’t have done. I shouldn’t have hit the card.”

The two day Black Jack tournament, saw Yo Gotti in control, as he had the winning hand. But two consecutive wrong moves cost him half a million. Yo Gotti would go on to hit a black jack against not one but two bust cards. “The dealer had a black jack or Jay had a black jack. No, the dealer had a bust card. Jay might have had a black jack, and I had like a twelve or some s***.”


“But if I wouldn’t have hit the card, even with him having the black jack, I still would have won cause my bet was higher, and it was like who has the most chips in the end,” said Gotti.

How Yo Gotti Lost $500K With One Wrong Move In Black Jack

Gotti is no stranger to gambling and the game of Black Jack, but on this particular moment it all fell apart. “I was f***ed up about it cause I knew I shouldn’t of hit it, and it took me a whole hour to realize what I had done. Cause, I hit it twice. I didn’t even hit it once, I hit it twice,” explains Yo Gotti. “So, if you know the game, you know I’m buggin’.”

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Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti recently released a new music video for his single ‘H.O.E’.

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