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How to Live a Good Life According to Aristotle

On episode 44, we welcome philosopher Daniel A. Kaufman to discuss the flourishing life according to Aristotle.

The Ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, left us a treasure-chest of wisdom about living the good life. He advocated for experience and moderation in making good decisions, and stressed the importance of not taking any specific philosophy too seriously.

Self-help gurus try to convince us that there are particular ways to create flourishing, but Aristotle argued that this is only true in a vague sense, meaning that he can give you the gist of what’s important but can’t tell you which specific choices to make.


Special guest Daniel A. Kaufman is currently a philosopher at Missouri State University. Author of numerous articles in philosophy, and also hosts the Sophia program on BloggingHeads.TV, a show devoted to philosophy and the humanities, more generally.

We seek to engage in thoughtful and entertaining conversation on philosophy and its many points of intersection with the humanities, the physical and social sciences, the arts, politics, and popular culture, sometimes, with a dash of humor added to the mix.

Daniel A. Kaufman on the purpose of his web site

On episode 44, we also discuss with Kaufman the limited utility of philosophy and self-help, debate the logic of Stoicism, and discuss the importance of experience and moderation in practical wisdom.

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