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How To Download And Install New Google Chrome

Instructions How To Download Install New Google Chrome

Instructions for installing Google Chrome on a PC.

1. Type in your web browser. After the page loads click on Download Chrome button. Or click this link here.
How To Download Install New Google Chrome

2. Next screen will prompt you to Accept the Google Chrome Terms Of Service. You also have an option to help make Google Chrome better by automatically sending usage statistics and crash reposts to Google. This option is automatically checked off. If you choose not to opt in just simply uncheck the box. Next click on the Accept and Install button.
Download Install New Google Chrome Browser

3. Google Chrome thanks you for downloading Chrome on the next screen and gives you the option to install from Google Play or the App Store for your mobile device. But wait, you’re not done yet! Make sure to look all the way at the bottom and select to save the setup file to your computer or run the installation. After selecting which ever option you computer may prompt you to allow Google Chrome installation to continue.
Download Install New Google Chrome

4. Google Chrome will begin downloading. After downloading is complete and installation is done you will now I have a Google Chrome icon on your desktop.
Download Install New Google Chrome Update

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