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How to Develop Your Authentic Self With Glen Sharp

On episode 53, we welcome back writer Glen Sharp to discuss what it means to be authentic, the internal and external barriers to becoming your true self, the difference between responsibility and blame, and the psychology of Mike Tyson’s upcoming in-ring return.

Glen Sharp was a former professional boxer, whose boxing career was a rise-and-fall story without so much rise in it. Glen is also the author of the novel Bethany Park and his memoir Punching From The Shadows. Told with heart and wit, his memoir is a treatise on boxing as both profession and purpose.

In becoming our authentic selves, we often have to battle back against societal standards and pressures, facing a fork in the road which divides the paths of comfort and freedom.

In taking responsibility, Glen argued that we can begin to assess our past choices, their effects, and our options for our future, perceiving the power in our ability to move forward.


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