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How To Create A Better Work Environment Using Philosophy

On episode 72, we welcome management consultant Ryan Stelzer as we discuss how to create a better work environment using philosophy.

Ryan Stelzer is a management consultant, executive coach, entrepreneur and author who co-founded Strategy of Mind to build high-performing, human teams. Ryan served at The White House as a Presidential Management Fellow during the Obama Administration, where his team was responsible for improving and sustaining high levels of performance across federal agencies.

How To Create Better Work Environment Using Philosophy
Ryan Stelzer, Co-Founder of Strategy of Mind

Topics discussed on how to create a better work environment:

  • How they relate to depression and anxiety, the step by step process of creating more effective communication
  • The necessity of fostering psychological safety for innovation
  • How philosophy can be used practically to create better leaders and team members
  • How embracing your ability to be proactive can positively affect your work culture
  • The negative financial affects of limiting beliefs and the importance of shifting thinking to one’s aspirational beliefs
  • How building rapport can contribute to the desire to receive feedback
  • Why the fear of letting someone down is more effective than the fear of punishment

Philosophy affects your entire life, even if you don’t know it. Ryan argued that philosophy can help us reshape and improve our relationships at work by making us more psychologically safe, more collaborative, and more creative.

How To Create A Better Work Environment Using Philosophy
Ryan Stelzer and David Brendel co-founders of Strategy of Mind

“The idea that your team needs to have the whip cracked, so to speak, you were an entry-level associate at one point: were you lazy and this is a projection that you’re making on your team members? Or, what is this sense that I need to stay on top of them because they’re always falling behind the eight-ball? Or there’s probably some issues at play if the constant mindset you have is, “I need to always stay on top of these people.” Either you’re terrible at hiring and your hired the wrong group of people or… you are posturing or positioning yourself as the savior and it’s all on you to accomplish this task,” Ryan Stelzer on episode 72 of Seize The Moment podcast.

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His ideas can be broken down into three main ingredients: think, talk, create. Be introspective and consider the effects of your actions and business strategies. Communicate with others to resolve your struggles and develop new ideals. And manifest them into existence to grow your company.


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