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How Roman Reigns Could Have Affected John Cena, Kurt Angle WM35 Match

As we all saw on Sunday in Met Life Center, I mean Stadium, Cena did not wrestle Kurt Angle. Instead Vince Mchahon and WWE decided to go with Baron Corbin vs Kurt Angle. Why? That we won’t know yet.

Here is what I think should have happened at the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemaniaaaaa!

Mr.Thuganomics Returns

John Cena returning as old school Cena was a surprise to many and I wouldn’t change anything about it. John Cena interrupting Elias produced another Wrestlemania moment. Moments that at times nowadays seem overly done and forced.

Roman Reigns Attacked

Roman Reigns had his first singles match since his fight with Leukemia at Wrestlemania 35. Having Reigns win was the right decision. Drew Mcintyre did his part during the build for the match. He played his part as the heel and gained heat from the WWE Universe. So what does this match have to do with Kurt Angle farewell match?

After Reigns defeated Drew, I would have had Drew attack Reigns with a steal chair as Roman celebrates on the turnbuckle. Then bring out Baron Corbin and seconds later Bobby Lashley as all three would beat on Reigns. This would obviously prompt Seth Rollins to the ring to help as the crowd would then chat for Ambrose. Dean Ambrose music hits and evens the odds.

Leo Rush quickly advises Bobby Lashley to head to the back as he shouldn’t jeopardize his Intercontinental Championship match later that night. This would leave the shield taking care of Drew and Baron Corbin. Corbin would take such a beaten from the Shield, through a table and all. This would then prevent Corbin from facing Kurt Angle.

What you also get at the end is a send off moment for Dean Ambrose and the last Shield Wrestlemania moment. A moment that would have everyone thank the Shield.

Kurt Angle Needs An Opponent

Kurt Angle enters the ring later in the night and is disappointed as will not have a match at Wrestlemania. Kurt goes on to thank the crowd and the fans show their appreciation for kurt after getting tired of chanting for Cena. Kurt’s music hits and as he is down having his farwell moment and is ready to leave the ring, Cena’s music hits. John Cena Thuganomics music that is.

The two go on to have a 15 minute match with Cena defeating Kurt Angle. Crowd happy. Kurt Happy.

What do you think of this alternative? What would you have done if you was Vince McMahon?

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