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How Many Years Will Rapper Kodak Black Be In Prison For?

Kodak Black sentencing came on Wednesday, where the young 22-year-old rapper, found out how many years he will be in prison.

Federico A. Moreno, U.S. District Judge in Miami sentenced Kodak Black to 46 months in prison. This is far less than the maximum sentence he was facing of 10 years.

Kodak Black whose real name is Bill K. Kapri, pleaded guilty in August. He pleaded guilty to making false statements when trying to acquire firearms from a federally licensed firearms dealer.

According to Judge Moreno, Kodak’s troubles have caught up to Kodak Black. His history with the law, isn’t something new, and that was taken into consideration on Wednesday. “Young people do stupid things,” Judge Federico Moreno tells Kodak. “But the problem is that you’ve been doing stupid things since you were 15.”

kodak black in court
Kodak Black

Knowing full well that although three years behind bars is something no one will like to face, Kodak still understands the outcome could have been worst. “I’m sorry for the actions that led me for where I’m standing. I do take full responsibility for my mishap.”

What happened with Kodak Black’s prison fight?

Along with his trouble history with the law, Kodak’s recent prison fight was brought up by prosecutors. Accused of being under the influence of an unknown substance which could have been the reason he lashed out and assaulted an officer in prison. “Kapri displayed disruptive behavior,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Bruce Brown. “He was involved in a fight on Oct. 29, with another inmate.”

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U.S. District Judge Federico A. Moreno
U.S. District Judge Federico A. Moreno. (Photo: J. Albert Diaz/ALM)

Judge Moreno did not factor in the recent prison fight into his final decision. At the end it was the fact that Kodak had no right to purchase the firearms. Why? Well he was already under indictment and out on bond in a separate criminal case. That case was in South Carolina for allegedly sexual assaulting a high school student. Knowing this, Kodak went ahead and filled out an incorrect social security number and check off the box for “no” on the form where it asked if he was ineligible to buy a gun.

The result was a three year sentence. Kodak’s lawyers asked for it and received a three year sentence. Prosecutors on the other hand aimed for at least an eight year sentence.


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