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How Did Dr. Dre Really Feel About Tupac Joining Death Row Records?

In a recent interview with The Art of Dialogue, Nanci Fletcher, spoke about the relationship between Tupac and Dr. Dre.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Nanci Fletcher started out as a back up singer on tour with Barry White. Eventually Nanci was introduced to Death Row Record artist and producer Dr Dre, where they formed a close bond.

Fletcher also worked with Tupac Shakur, after meeting him though Dr. Dre on the “California Love” video shoot. Fletcher contributed to songs such as “Who Do U believe In” and “Unconditional Love”. According to Nanci Fletcher, Tupac was a huge supporter of her to the point that he wanted to write songs for her as well.

How Did Dr. Dre Really Feel About Tupac Joining Death Row Records?

When asked how Dr. Dre felt when Tupac joined Death Row Records, Fletcher has no doubt that Dre had nothing but love for Pac. “I know Dre very well, I was with him everyday. Dre loved Tupac. Dre is not shady like that,” explains Fletcher. “He don’t talk about people, I’m telling you. He accepts everybody.”

“I know for sure cause I was around him all that time when he worked with Tupac, he was so excited. We did “Can’t See Me” for Snoop’s album with George Clinton,” says Nanci Fletcher.

Dr. Dre would give Tupac one of his biggest hits, and the perfect song for Tupac’s comeback after his release from prison. California Love was originally a solo Dr. Dre song with two verses.

Even Tupac himself had said how he asked Dr. Dre for “California Love”. The Dr. Dre solo version has since leaked.

“I’m back under ya cap with Zapp / Droppin’ them bomb-ass raps that hit ya like pimp-slaps / So everybody on the dance-floor, the wallflowers got to go, grab yourself a skirt and flow / ‘Cause it’s a grownup party and I’m glad that ya made it / ‘California Love,’ ladies gettin’ faded,” raps Dre.

Tupac’s version of “California Love” appeared on his “All Eyez on Me” album which celebrated its twenty-four year anniversary on February 13.

Nanci Fletcher, like many, could only imagine the possibilities if Tupac and Dr. Dre worked together more often. “I’m telling you he was so excited to work with Tupac, and they were perfect together. Dre is the type of producer that if you give him something he’s gonna make it greater. He’s great talent is mixing stuff. He’s a great mixer.”

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Dre’s mixing, combined with Tupac’s engery and unmatched work ethic, was the perfect pairing according to Fletcher. “Tupac gave it to him, he was like nonstop crazy,” said Fletcher. “They would’ve been great together, if they would have kept on.”


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