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How Can The Pursuit of Self-Actualization Improve Your Life? | EP.17

On episode 17 of Seize The Moment Podcast, Alen and Leon explore what self-actualization is. Why it’s important to learn about, and how we can use it to improve our relationships, mental health, and overall sense of fulfillment and life-satisfaction.

Self-actualization is the process of becoming the best version of you. The form of yourself that relates to an optimal level of physical and emotional health well-being.

Research indicates that the idea comprises of 10 parts: equanimity, authenticity, continued freshness of appreciation, self-acceptance, purpose, accurate view of reality, good moral intuition, creative spirit, peak experiences, and humanitarianism.


All of these parts are closely associated with emotional stability. The ability to protect your goals from outside interference, greater life satisfaction, positive relationships, mastery of one’s environment, and a deep sense of purpose in life.

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