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How Can Mental Health Blogging Revolutionize Self Expression? w/ Dennis Relojo-Howell | EP.18

On episode 18, Alen and Leon welcome the founder of, Dennis Relojo-Howell, to discuss the importance and benefits of mental health blogging, eliciting empathy and dialogue between conflicting groups, and how to foster grit and resilience in those struggling with trauma.

Mental Health Blogging is a world for writers to express the deepest and most vulnerable parts of themselves. Through creative writing, bloggers share their stories to connect with other people who’ve experienced similar traumas, teaching them how they developed the resilience to overcome them.

Dennis Relojo-Howell is a Filipino mental health blogger and columnist, based in London, United Kingdom, who is the founder of Psychreg. Relojo-Howell is one of the most followed mental health bloggers on Twitter and YouTube.

Dennis has had to deal with his own trauma. And on this episode, he discussed his destitute life on the streets of The Philippines, how he rose up from the slums, and the teacher whose strength served him on his journey to academia.

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