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Hot 97’s Ebro Says Tekashi 69 Music Career Is Over!

Tekashi 69 has been off his social media for more than a month. Hot 97 radio personality Ebro is convinced that Tekashi’s disappearance is due to 6ix9ine’s music career being over.

Earlier this month, 69 made headlines when he accidently overdosed on Hydroxycut pills and caffeine. Speaking with The Shade Room, 69 explained he had to be hospitalized due to the fact he took two pills of the weight loss pill instead of the daily recommended dose of one pill. As a result Tekashi had a higher heart rate and he began to sweat excessively.

Tekashi’s weight has been his focus as of late, as he admittedly gained weight after his release from prison, and perhaps the reason why he has taken time off. But others such as Ebro of Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning have declared that Tekashi’s music career is officially over.

Hot 97's Ebro Says Tekashi 69 Music Career Is Over!
Ebro (Getty/Paul Morigi)

On Monday afternoon (October 26), Ebro took to his official Twitter account where he clowned the Brooklyn rapper. “Name an artist that was “poppin” in the last 3yrs that is completely finished now…. I’ll start Tekashi 69,” Ebro tweeted.

Ebro has never been a fan of Tekashi and has been accused by the rapper of blackballing his music career. When Tekashi’s hit single ‘Trollz‘ featuring Nicki Minaj debuted at number one, 69 was quick to let the haters know. “#1 ON @billboard YOU CANT STOP ME,” wrote 6ix9ine. “THEY TIRED SO HARD PUSHING SOMEONE ELSES SONG LET THE WORLD KNOW WHAT YA DID !!!! YOU CANT BLACKBALL MEEEEEE IM TO BIG OF A STARRRRRRRRRRRR … OH ANNDDDDDDD ALL THE FANBASES THAT TEAMED UP TO PREVENT THIS NUMBER ONE I SAW THAT TOOOOO.”

Tekashi 69 New Tattoo Is Complete! View The Full Video Here

Whether or not his music career is over as Ebro suggests, Tekashi appears to be gearing up for a come back with a new look. Recently a video of 69 getting a new tat was shared by New York tattoo artist Mr. Rotten Apple. (View: Tekashi 69 New Tattoo Is Complete! View The Full Video Here)


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