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Hopsin Drops ‘Kumbaya’ Music Video, Hints At New Album

This week, Los Angeles rapper Hopsin released his new visuals for his song, ‘Kumbaya’.

For Hopsin, real name, Marcus Jamal Hopson, the release of ‘Kumbaya’ follows his single, ‘COVID Mansion’. In the music video, Hopsin shares his quarantine living arrangements while being stuck in Thailand. Walking through a mansion from room to room rapping about not being able to leave, Hopsin states that he’s practicing social distancing.

On Sunday, June 7, he posted on Twitter a still from the start of the music video with the caption; “I shall summons and bring forth thy bars…” Firstly, Hopsin starts the video sitting shirtless in the forest. He’s seen chanting to god; “Kumbaya my lord, I might say things that you might not support.”


Unlike other Hip Hop music videos, Hopsin doesn’t have his crew or entourage in the background, instead wild animals. Moving through the forest, the Los Angeles emcee looks menacing with 2 fully grown elephants beside him. Other wild animals included in the visuals are monkeys and wildebeest.

Hopsin, known for his thought-provoking rhymes, doesn’t disappoint with the content of ‘Kumbaya’. Further in, the former Ruthless Records artist takes shots at newer artists with a shift in the industry. With lyrics like “Flashin’ they nice jewels” and “Braggin’ about some pills”, Hopsin emphasizes that shift. He pays homage to both Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G with; “Big and ‘Pac was a tragedy, no cap. But hearing me rap is like having ’em both back.”

Despite releasing ‘COVID Mansion’ and ‘Kumbaya’ and a handful of singles in 2019, since his last album, ‘No Shame’, dropped 3 years ago. Towards the end of ‘Kumbaya’, Hopsin teases a new album for his dedicated fans. “Bout to lace you motherf*****s with an album you can buy.”

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