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Hip Hop Artist Scarface Details His Coronavirus Experience

Hip Hop artist and Houston native, Scarface shared his experience dealing with the coronavirus as he recently tested positive for COVID-19.

Explaining his experiences via a live stream with Willie D, fellow group member of the Geto Boys, Scarface details his experience fighting the coronavirus.

Scarface goes into details on how everything first started, and his early symptoms. “I woke up Sunday morning, I had an itch in my throat, called my doctor. He had me some Zithromax Z-Pack and some prednisone. Come Thursday my fever just kicks in.”

Hip Hop Artist Scarface Details His Coronavirus Experience
Hip Hop artist Scarface

“Then Friday, Saturday, Sunday I go to the ER. I go in there I’m freezing to death. They stick these needles in my arm, and start running me IV’s. Through my IV they ran antibiotics through my veins. I couldn’t take it. They run me three to four bags a day of that s***” explains Scarface. “I leave Tuesday. That night next Friday I’m back in, sicker. I stay there till Sunday. They swap my nose.”

On Wednesday March 25th, Scarface would receive the call that he had tested positive for the COVID-19. For Scarface he has been dealing with health issues for years now.

“It started with ammonia in both my lungs. Then three four days later my kidney’s failed. Then after that they tell me I can’t move, I’m quarantined. Like I’ve been to the point where I Just felt like I was gonna die.”

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Aside from not feeling he can breathe, describing the feeling like an elephant sitting on his chest, Scarface also throw up multiple times. “I throw up so much until it was like hot sauce. I didn’t have no food in my stomach it was coming up like bio.”


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